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A Management Company For Trades People

Professional Freddy is a
'Team of teams'
we are different.


Why, and how did we get started? Many of us are tradespeople (or started out that way) and all of us are customers. We have come to realize that the skilled trade profession can be a hit-and-miss process for everyone involved.

Something needed to change…

…So we changed it. We developed Professional Freddy as a tradesman management company to look after the interests of both customers and tradespeople. We find the most suitable tradies for you (our customers) and we back their work. We find jobs for our trusted tradies, who we've fully vetted before bringing them on board to serve you.

We do well what others don't do at all. Introduction services and ad portals don’t serve customers well because they don’t check out the tradespeople they put forward. What if you get a ‘cowboy’? They may not be bad but may lack experience or the certifications that protect you and your property. Also they don’t serve the tradespeople well because the jobs listed are offered to many and any tradespeople. The tradies are competing with each other and paying even if they don’t get the job. This results in little work for high overheads. It all results in stress all round.


We aim to provide a safe, all-inclusive, high quality, reliable trade project service from end to end, for both tradespeople and customers. Our team of teams will work together to serve customers and save you time and money. We will support tradespeople to find work and focus on their area of expertise while we handle all the background stuff. Our values centre on the principles of quality work, caring customer service, teamwork, reliability, responsibility and accountability. We’ll listen to you. We will do what it takes to meet your budget and time schedule, while making sure the job is done right.


  • We provide our residential and commercial clients with a one-stop-shop service for maintenance, repairs, renovations and new building projects in all the trades required.
  • We’ll only take on tradespeople who check out and comply with our standards. We’ve seen them work - we know what we are sending you (no cowboys!).
  • Our tradespeople’s licenses & insurances are stated in our contract with you.
  • We back our tradespeople’s work.
  • We have processes in place to ensure that the work is done correctly.
  • We’re happy to discuss any problems with you and find ways to address your concerns.



After you’ve contacted us wanting to get a quote, you can book yourself in for a site visit on our online calendar (we’ll send the link). Otherwise you can call us and we’ll book you in at a time that suits you. Then we send out one of our sales staff to do the site visit. The salesperson will discuss the job with you, assess the site, and take measurements where necessary. Then they’ll send it through to our quote preparation team.


Once the quote for top quality work is prepared, it will be sent to you by email and/or sms within 24 to 48 hours. We give you a login to your own part of the website where you can access the quote any time. You review the quote and decide if any changes are needed.

Which budget range are you in? If you want a lower price, let us know and we can accommodate you. There’s no need to seek extra quotes elsewhere. We can do it all for you with a consistent quality of work, customer service, materials, insurance and follow-up. (See also the Grades A, B and C quote system in the Our Trades section.) Let us know and we can refine the quote to suit you better.


Once you’ve accepted the final quote we send you a contract. We send this before we invoice you so everyone is clear on what the job entails. We also include in the contract the license number of the tradesperson who will do the job. Thus you can see you are being served by qualified people. We and you sign the contract so we both have a copy.


You pay a deposit to confirm your contract. We then discuss a suitable time to start the work. After that we schedule your contractors and they come out to put in place the preparations for the job.


Our tradesperson begins the work. Once all the materials required have been ordered and delivered, we request the second payment and go on to complete the job. Note that if a concrete pour is involved after the preparation phase, we must issue you a separate invoice for the concrete. You’ll have to pay that before the concreter (a third party) will leave their depot, so the concrete stays workable. See section 4 Payment Schedule in the Contract.


After the work is finished, we send out our site inspectors to check that you are happy with the work. You then sign-off the job. We issue the final invoice and you complete by paying the balance. In a couple of months we will check back with you and see if all is going well.



We want to keep you safe, and give you the confidence to know that we take our work seriously. We stand by the work of our tradespeople. If there are problems we will address them. Many other companies do not vet their tradespeople (who may not even be licensed). Nor do they back up the work of their tradespeople the way we do. We have warranties, guarantees and contracts so that before we even begin you’ll know you’re getting quality, responsibility and commitment from us.


We are confident in the quality of work of our tradespeople. However we do have a limited warranty that covers workmanship if not done correctly. It does not cover events beyond our control like land moving, floods, etc.


After a job is booked and quoted and you want to proceed, we send you a contract that we both sign before we invoice you. The contract also contains the license of the tradesperson assigned to you (a unique service by us to you). That way you have all the information you need for peace of mind. And we are all clear about the details of the job.


Just in case the public liability insurance of one of our tradies is inadequate, Professional Freddy has insurance to cover all eventualities. You can be confident that the work on your house or business premises will be covered, and the quality will be there.


We stand by our work, and guarantee that the job will be done according to your specifications on the contract. If for any reason changes must be made, it will be in full consultation with you. If something about the work does not meet the terms of the contract, or is not to the standard you expected, we will address the problem to your satisfaction.

If you have questions about any of the above,
contact us and we'll be happy to answer.


The trades we currently provide are:

Carpentry & fitouts, Concreting, Driveways, Electricals & network cabling, Excavations & demolitions, Fencing & walls, Landscaping, Plumbing & installations, Tiling indoor & outdoor, Turfing for all environments

How can you save yourself the time and effort of going out and getting 3 quotes?

Are you working with a tight budget? Or is money no object and you want to be sure of getting top quality fast?

Professional Freddy is your one-stop-shop.

Making it easier for you…. If anyone else was to quote you a cheaper price, we can match or better it with one of our grades of quote. What does that mean? It means our quotes are based on the years of experience of our tradespeople. There are three grades: A, B and C.



This quote will be filled by our longest-experienced tradespeople. They’ve been on the job for over 10 years. It will also cover top quality materials should you desire them, which naturally cost more.



These are tradespeople of intermediate experience - from 3 to 10 years on the job. Materials can also be intermediate - it all depends on your budget. B Grade is not the cheapest or the most expensive. However, you pay a little extra for quality.



If anyone quotes you cheaper than our A or B, we can better that quote with our C Grade. You can expect a lower price because these younger tradespeople want to gain more experience. They have been on the job for 3+ yrs.

You choose, it’s no problem, just ask.

Never feel embarrassed to ask us if your budget requires less expensive materials. We understand, we’ve been there! We can give you a good quality job at a price that works for you. All our work is equally backed and guaranteed!

Testimonials from
Happy Customers

The service was very good and everything turned out great, no complaints!

S. Dean,
Hunters Hill, NSW

I am very happy with how it went, great results, and all of these works have made a big difference to how my house looks now.

D. Daneshvar,
Wahroonga, NSW

The speed and service was very good and I am happy with the end result.

N. Sordon,
Wahroonga, NSW

I was very happy with the service from your company and the product too. The entire process was smooth and easy from start to finish.

S. Marvell,
Concord, New South Wales

Looks very good i am very happy with it thank you professional freddy.

J. Gao,
Epping, New South Wales

The service was great. Some difficulties arose during construction however they were dealt with sincerely and professionally. So we are very happy with the end result.

N. Parsons,
West Pymble, New South Wales

We’ve been growing so fast and successfully in Australia, that we’re now opening in England!